Amethyst The Platinum Series

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sample #1 Book Cover
Sample #2 Book Cover
Sample #3 Book Cover

  I'll be attending the Author's Expo this coming Wed July 18 in Danvers, Massachusetts.I'm really excited about the wonderful opportunity to meet with people working in the industry. Plenty of authors will be there selling their books so I can ask questions about their experiences of becoming a published author. Also there will be artists, literary agents, copy-editors and publishers to learn more about the publishing world. Without an actual book in print, I'm preparing my own "press kit" including my business card, sketches of logo ideas, a synopsis of each of the first three titles in the series, merchandising ideas, jewelry I've designed such as the Celtic Eternity Heart and three samples of the artwork for the book cover that I've created. Yet another baby step closer to getting Amethyst published and in the hands of readers.
  Stephanie M. Jandreau

Celtic Eternity Heart