Amethyst The Platinum Series

Monday, March 28, 2011

I'm forwarding Valerie's Comment

Valerie Jean Thompson Merricks March 28 at 12:42pm Reply Report
The author is my daughter, Stephanie Merricks Jandreau, born and educated right here in Pittsylvania County Virginia. She and her family have lived in the Boston MA area for about 13 years now. "Amethyst" is her first book in a series of six in the "Platinum Series". I've had the privilege to read the unedited book and she has found an intriguing new twist on becoming a modern day Vampire. You will not find the typical vampire props or story wooden stakes, garlic, werewolves and the etc. She has made it so realistic that you will never know how many vampires walk among us every day.....?

Monday, March 14, 2011

The Debate

  Traditional Publishing or Self-Publishing? The pro's & con's... Traditional route, I may not picked up in a timely manner but the pay off could big substantial. They could love it and give me an advance to put it simply. Have more public announcement of the book through media channels.

  Self- Publish, I pay to have my book published up front but it's costly despite the reasonable payment plans. They, too have media access but I'd be paying for it out of pocket. Ouch, it's steep. I would need to sell 2,00 copies to be considered a best-seller & then 'maybe' just maybe a traditional publisher would be more interested in Amethyst & The Platinum Series as well. 
  All of this will be a waiting game hoping to get noticed. But the book needs tons of editing & revisions at this point. I'm doing what I can but I'm not an expert on such things. I'll get The Platinum Series: Amethyst in the hands of the readers as soon as I can. I know you're all anxious to read the story. I've been working on this for almost a complete year, March 28, by brother Patrick's birthday , it will one full year. 
 I'm so excited to have the feedback on whether or not my audience responds to my characters, Milican who struggles with life and love and his health. Amelia & Garreth, his parents, Link the best friend, Lily & Vivian as love interests and a large cast of supporting roles of interesting people, more tid bits to come. Thanks, Stephanie =D

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It's Offical

  At 12:34 pm on March 2, 2011  'THE END' was typed on Amethyst. I complete the first full draft of Amethyst. Sure I'll still have to do some revisions and edits but the core of the story is in written. The last piece fell into place just as all the others have, seamlessly and spontaneously. I'd been worrying over how & where the end the book would happen when it dawned on me that I'd written past it already. I went back and re-read the first run, tweaked it and ended it in a different place & in totally new way altogether.
  I'm extremely impressed that I can say that I have written my first book, of course I realize that it's not finished by any means but I can say that the vast majority of it definitely is. I still have some hiccups in the flow of the read so I'll need to add some transitional scenes to accommodate for that. 
  All the characters are firmly in place ready to play their roles. Is the world ready for the story of Amethyst? A world based in medical reality that dips severely into the world of the supernatural.   
  I'll introduce Milican as my charismatic lead man. He is a handsome brilliant collage student studying to be a chemist with a debilitating blood disorder is his driving force that wreaks havoc on his entire life. Thus, his personal schedule and consequently on his all of his relationships. He's curious risk-taking scientist willing to put himself in harm's way to find the answers to his never-ending questions about his disorder. 
  Next up is Milican's brawny best friend Link, who's the kind of guy we all wish we had as our closed friend, always ready to help lend a hand, & easy on the eyes, too. Whenever Milican needs help or advice he can always trust & rely on Link to be there.
  Enter Vivian, a sultry part-time librarian assistant with aspirations of being a professional dancer who falls for our charming Milican. They have a steamy romance that's doesn't go along smoothly. Things are repeatedly interrupted by his diseases causing hardships in their love affair. Giving way to a cast of additional characters who come to play signification roles in Milican's world. We have Lily, the shy 'I wanna fit it ' girl with a bit of attitude and then there's the sexy foreign Goth chick 'I'll try anything once' kind of girl, Natasha.
   Some craziness at a medical lab where Milican finds a job that adds more suspense and action to the wild world his dwells within.
  I hope to find a publisher willing to take a chance on an unknown author with a compelling new story of love, tragedy and some science fiction/ fantasy for good measure. I hope it appeals to a wide range of readers from those whose loves Anne Rice, to Charlaine Harris to Becca Fitzpatrick & JK Rowling, are we picking up on a trend. Supernatural & Romance & Oops, almost gave it a way. Sorry you'll have to Amethyst to find out what Milican is. Titles that may be associated with my book, let's see, Hush, Hush, The House of Night, & The Vampire Diaries.Warning it is more graphic than the PG Twilight Series and maybe a dash hotter than The Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood books so there you have it. That will be determined by how it is edited in the end.
Thanks for reading, Stephanie M. Jandreau