Amethyst The Platinum Series

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Hiring the Right Editor

Amethyst is coming soon! At long last, you'll finally get the chance to meet Milican as he battles his impending fate.

I'm working with a talented book editor, Tanya Gold, to put a final polish on the manuscript before sending it to the publisher. We're diligently pushing forward to get it released in October 2014, which is just around the corner. We're about halfway through the second round of edits, and then I can send off for the proof-copy. And once I approve that copy, its off the presses! 

I must admit that I think I'm one the lucky ones who actually enjoys working with their editor. I've heard some many horrific stories of the grief of working with an editor and the drudgery of this stage of getting the manuscript ready to publish. I was dreading it because I feared the humiliation of having someone criticize my work. Having a real professional, not someone who's your friend or family member who may or may not give the best advice when it comes to your manuscript, was a scary decision to make. But Tanya's easy-going personality relaxed my concerns when it came time to handover 'my baby' to her trustworthy hands. She has been nurturing and has guided me through each step of the way. And I learned to be more confident in my abilities as a writer. 

I have enjoyed the process tremendously. That's not to say there hasn't been obstacles to overcome, there most assuredly have been moments of filled with tears and times when I blatantly disagreed with her suggestions, but in doing so, I've learned to trust my instincts and trust her wisdom of knowing the industry better than I do. Basically, its all about hiring the right editor to work with. I based my decision on a variety of factors such as; finding a personality match, having a similar writing and editing style, having an understanding the characters and their story, but most importantly having great communication between us. 

I had sample numerous editors over the course of a couple years before hiring Tanya Gold. And I'm so glad I did, that sampling gave me the proper perspective to make the comparison that lead to the best decision for my manuscript. When I read the sample edit she did, I knew without a doubt she was the right editor for me. She was the perfect person for the job. She understood my goals, my characters and my story. She had the experience and the expertise to help me craft my writing into something more marketable to readers.  Now, I'm proud to share Milican's story with the public. She's definitely put a polish on The Platinum Series: Amethyst. It needs to shine!

Thanks to my wonderful, fun-loving editor Tanya Gold!
Stephanie M. Jandreau