Amethyst The Platinum Series

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Hi folks, I'm crowd-funding on for editorial and publishing costs . Please take a look at my campaign for The Platinum Series: Amethyst.

What would you do if your darkest secrets were encouraging you to kill someone you loved just to satisfy a craving?  How could you hide your vampiric tendencies?

Imagine how restrictive your life would be if you couldn’t enjoy sunlight, never being safe in the ultraviolet rays. Now ponder the terrible thought that your skin was so sensitive that any physical contact would be. These are just the minor difficulties Milican must deal with on his journey to discovering his True Self… and then he falls in love with Vivian. 

Milican is a college senior majoring in biochemistry whose primary goal in life is to unravel the mystery of his debilitating blood disease. From birth, he's battled the chronic pain of Porphyria, but he thinks he's been misdiagnosed. he grew up isolated by his disease, with a constant pestering voice within the deepest recesses of his mind, Dæmon tempting him to do the unthinkable.


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