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Monday, October 13, 2014

Red Cross Partenership with Vampire Books For Blood

Red Cross and Vampires are just a natural combination. I'm considering contacting the local donation center about hosting my vampire book release at a blood drive. 


Thanks for supporting the American Red Cross!

The books posted on this page are from authors who've pledged to donate proceeds from their book's sales during the month of October to the American Red Cross Blood Services.

Browse through the posts to look for your next favorite book!

Thanks for supporting the American Red Cross!

By posting a Book on this page, you pledge to donate a portion of your net royalties (after publisher/agent percentage, tax obligation, etc) from your Book's sales during the month of October to the American Red Cross Regional Blood Services of your choice.

1- Contact your local Red Cross, inform them that you're participating in Vampire Books for Blood, and let them know what percentage of your Oct. net royalties you will donate.

2- Promote your book! It's completely free to post on this page. Let potential readers know what percentage you're donating, give a brief synopsis of the book, and link to where it's being sold. Please be respectful, and only post once a day max. Inappropriate or excessive posts will be removed.

3- Donate and share how much you you were able to give! By Nov. 15th, please post the amount you expect to donate to the Blood Services center you've chosen.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Connect With Me On More Social Media

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    I'm nearly finished with the second round of edits. Meanwhile the proofreading by a third party has already begun.

    I'm still in hopes of a Pre-Halloween release. But this deadline is approaching quickly and there's still so much to be addressed. The new book cover is the major issue. My male model, lives on the West Coast, has been in touch with a photographer to take the photos within the week. I have a graphic designer on standby for the arrival of the all-important image of Milican battling the Dæmon within.
   Here's a look at the current book cover.

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