Amethyst The Platinum Series

Friday, May 6, 2011

Finished the 'author's edit'

I have finished my personal editing but as we all know we as authors really can't edit our own work. Amethyst still needs the professional touch to give it the polish it deserves. I'm looking into several options at this point. In talks with a self-publisher about going that route.
Also I'm working on my query letter to send out with my submissions to traditional publishers. This letter has to be perfect to have a chance to be noticed by a publishing house. So as you can tell I'm on the fence about my options. Self- publishing equates to getting my book in the hands of the readers sooner but I have to put the funds upfront, ouch, before I receive any profits from the sell of those books. Transitional publishing equates to a lengthy process of searching for a house to pick my book up to print, the possibilities of advances upfront then additional royalties after the sales.
I've given bits & pieces of the manuscript to trusted friends for their feedback and I've started to incorporate their suggestions into the book.

In the meantime I'm writing the follow up book, Garnet with a steady flow of the storyline playing like a movie in my head. The characters are telling me the story and I just have to type it. They live in me, constantly deciding new paths to take so I follow along to enjoy the ride. They fascinate me with their struggle and triumphs.

I can't wait to share them with the world, Stephanie J

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