Amethyst The Platinum Series

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Amethyst Concept

This all began as a screenplay for a short film but after doing some research and character development, the story grew into a short story that developed into the novel. I have plans to adapt Amethyst, the book back to a screenplay for a feature length film.
Amethyst is just the first book in a growing collection of stories. I'm working on at least four other books to follow up Amethyst. This will be The Platinum Series & so far the titles are Amethyst, Garnet, Sapphire, Diamond & Onyx. I have thought about adding other titles as the story unfolds itself.
I let the characters tell the story of their lives based on their personalities and experiences. My lead is a young handsome man named Milican, who has a medical condition that restricts his live in severe ways. He finds love but with that will change he world forever taking him down a new untraveled path.
This is pivotal point of his young life where is must make some brutal decisions if he is to survive.!/group.php?gid=147175615307857

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