Amethyst The Platinum Series

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

  The lead man in Amethyst was named Merrick in earlier postings but I've since changed it to Milican. Zackariah Milican Merricks will be his full name in the books of The Platinum Series including Amethyst. I felt that I had to change it now due the popularity of Anne Rice's book entitled 'Merrick'. And since they are both are vampire books/stories, I didn't want to deal with any controversy therein.
  I had originally chosen Merrick as a version of my maiden name of Merricks so I simply switched it back to a surname replaced the 's' at the end. It sounds better that way anyhow, in my opinion. The name Milican is also a family name it was my Great-Grandfather's first name. I wanted to give my lead character an easily distinguishable name and one that had sentimental meaning to me and my family. My Grandmother was so pleased to hear that I was using her Father's name as the lead in my book. I have since added other family members as important characters throughout the book. Like an alias name Milican will use is my late Grandfather Archie Lee Thompson but I changed it to Archie Harrison Lee. Harrison is also a name ancestor. My family who will read will undoubtedly find hidden gems like this all over the book.
   I wanted to pay respect to my family who made me who I am by honoring them with roles in my books. So they're always the 'good guys'.

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